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Anna Eppink

Anna Eppink

Heart in the sky.

Ever since as a child seeing hang gliders soaring the dunes of Kittyhawk North Carolina, Anna has dreamed of following them into the air. In 2011, finally, she made that dream a reality. Since her first flights she has determinedly flown as often as possible, accruing 250 hours in flight, an advanced rating, and become an instructor. She has also flown at competitions across the country. She will help guide you from your first steps on the training hill to spreading your wings on your exciting first flight from a mountain, and beyond.

In addition to hang gliding, Anna has flown powered aircraft since age 14 and holds a private pilot's license with multi-engine and instrument ratings.

  • USHPA Instructor
  • USHPA Advanced Rated Pilot (H-4)
  • Currently ranked 2nd in the world among women sport class pilots
  • Placed third overall at the 2014 Flytec Americus Cup in Americus Georgia (Sport Class).

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John Heiney

John Heiney

A hang gliding legend. In his epochal career he has done it all.

From setting aerobatics records and winning world championships, to capturing awe-inspiring photos and videos, John is without a doubt a legend. His photos have graced the pages of Sports Illustrated, and his videography displayed on IMAX screens around the world. For 10 years he held the record for consecutive loops.

Career Highlights:

  • USHPA Advanced Instructor
  • USHPA Master Rated Pilot (H-5)
  • Guinness World Record Holder for 52 consecutive loops on a hang glider (1988–1998)
  • Winner of World Aerobatic Hang Gliding Championships (1987, 1991, 1992, 1997)
  • Numerous film, video, commercials, and photography credits, published articles, and airshow appearances

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