Our Mission

Our passion is hang gliding. Our mission is to share that passion so more people can experience the surreal feelings of free flight, and to develop more friends to share our amazing sport with.

Our primary focuses are fun and safety. From your first steps on the training hill or first time you lift off on a tandem flight, we want you to enjoy the experience, and enjoy it safely.

At the beginning there will be a lot to learn and consider. We aim to impart our knowledge as effectively as possible so that you learn and progress at a satisfying rate. Getting to the point of soaring from a mountain will take time, but our hope is that you enjoy and appreciate the journey getting there.

We proudly serve San Diego, La Jolla, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Otay, San Marcos, Pine Valley, Alpine, and all the surrounding communities. This is a great part of the country to learn to hang glide as the weather is great nearly year round.

We thank you for taking these first steps toward soaring the sky, and we are excited to welcome future pilots to learn from us.


Laguna Launch