We are currently not offering tandem flights and only limited instruction. Tandem flights and instruction offered by John Heiney, 760-822-5667.

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Tandem Flights

Fly with our United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association instructors for an unforgettable experience and introductory lesson to hang gliding. Sign-up for a mountain adventure today!

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Learn from experienced instructors to fly solo. Take individual lessons or choose a lesson package. The rewards of soaring are off the charts.

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Your one stop shop for gliders, glider parts, and accessories. We are a dealer for Wills Wing and Whoosh!Wheels.

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Unleash your inner superhero. Attach wings and away you go.

Hang Glide San Diego is San Diego's provider of hang gliding instruction, equipment, and services. Whether you just want an introduction to see if you like it, or have your heart set on soloing from mountains, contact us to get started.

Soaring above the trees

Getting into harness after launch

Never look up at the sky the same way. Join the birds in their playground.

Once you've learned to solo and own your gear, the only expense is gas to the mountain. Set up your glider in as little as 15 minutes and soar the sky until your heart's content.

Soaring in the sky is closer than you think. An accessible, rewarding activity.

Hang gliding technology, instruction, and safety has improved significantly since the 1970s. Flying hang gliders is as safe as a pilot makes it. The birds can no longer enjoy their monopoly on free-flight.

Line of gliders

High Flying Fun in the Sun. Your source for hang gliding in San Diego.